The Aloïs Demos (demo) [2013]


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"Please be aware that the material presented in this recording is RAW, soundwise as well as performance wise. Don't be surprised: the songs are purely INSTRUMENTAL. The reason is that we had no singer at this time (we wanted to hire one from another band) and we didn't even start to work on vocal lines and lyrics.

This compilation gathers demos made during different stages of ANTHEMON's "Aloïs" album pre-production. The album never got completed because of the band's split back in september 2007. That's why these songs are the only testimony left of the band's last work before its demise.

As said earlier, the sound and performance quality is RAW. All of these songs are home recordings. Sometimes done in one take, just to keep the ideas recorded somewhere, somehow. Some of them are quite mature already, some others are not more than early drafts.

"The Aloïs Demos" has, in our humble opinion, a historical value for anyone who liked us, especially in the later years. More than five years after the band split, we thought that it would be too bad to let these songs rot in oblivion forever. Now, people who were into us are given the opportunity to listen to a draft of what they could have expected from us if we ever finished this "ghost" album.

We believe that some of the material on these demos is very strong. A song like "Ink Black Life Lines" is by far the most intricate music we ever wrote at this time. Some other songs are much simplier, with catchy tunes & rhythms. The album would have had a nice balance between progressive music, simplier, catchier, rock-metal songs, and the usual Anthemon-trademark sound developped since our early days.

"Aloïs" was supposed to be a concept album dealing with the life of (fictional) super genius scientist Aloïs Martel; That's why you'll hear some musical leitmotivs coming back in several songs under a different form.

We hope you'll enjoy this journey back in time and that you can forgive the poor quality of recording and execution."

The ex-Anthemon bandmembers.


released January 28, 2013

ANTHEMON was (2007):
Marc Canlers: vocals/bass
Sylvain Bégot: guitars
Alexandre Kohler: guitars
Sébastien Latour: keyboards
Ludovic Rouix: drums

All demos were performed by Sylvain Bégot & Ludovic Rouix except "The Unperfect Mechanics" performed by Marc Canlers and "Twists Of History" performed by Sébastien Latour & Ludovic Rouix.
Recorded between 2005 & 2007



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Anthemon (1997 - 2007)

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