Dystopia [2004]


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Recorded & released in 2004
Mixed and mastered by Ahti Kortelainen (Tico Tico Studio - Finland)


released January 28, 2013

Loïc Malassagne: vocals
Marc Canlers: bass/vocals
Sylvain Bégot: guitars
Alexandre Kohler: guitars
Sébastien Latour: keyboards
David Verbecq: drums



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Anthemon (1997 - 2007)

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Track Name: Above Us
This virtual spring flows freely
Through the meanders of the thought
The sound of the synthetic drops
Gives rhythm to your frivolous existence
Interferes with prosperity
And rapes your most intimate dreams

Clone of the spirit, artificial envelope
Will you become the shadow of another one?
In this magnetic cathedral
Where you need to find a shelter
Only these buttons will grant your wishes
The directions that come along with them
Are a part of the doctrine
Here God created material
Material has become God

Above us

Here God created material
Material has become God
Track Name: Foretell Omega
In the rush of modern times, a new divinity
Is whispering these words to us
"Run, run to the light at the end of the tunnel
Don't look back and forget the whole past"

Our notion of time is getting sucked up by a black hole
Second after second the modern world overwhelms us
As if it was guided by a thread
We are the marionettes of time
It synchronises the acts and gestures
Crystallises and breaks our memories

In this psychological enslavement
Our spiritual quest becomes sterile
The light in the eyes of our guardian angel is dying
Their colourless stare foretold nothing but Apocalypse
In this rush towards the void
Can you possibly have a new perspective?

Will the revelation come to you
Regenerate your brain?

Lost in this maze of the soul
The light of evil will come to you and guide you

So now the equation of our existence is infinite
The bodies are getting divided from the spirits
The subtraction of the soul to zero
Will condemn us to a total annihilation.
Track Name: Chatter Of The Tube
It speaks and grows within
It teaches and gives different views
Opening the fields of the mind
Training the muscles of the thought
Breeding the unborn wise man
It burns and screams inside
It melts and turns to ashes
Closing the doors of knowledge

Leaving all hopes behind
Climbing the stairs of mediocrity
As these ancient yellowed papers perish in flames
A lonely old wise man dies and no one cares
Helping him would be a criminal act
Swarming in new age
Getting it wide and loud
Blistering flashing picture
Hypnotizing howling screen
The chat goes on and on
Saying nothing but words of emptiness
The tube born from the newest technologies
Full of sounds and pictures
It tells you the latest news
But leaves us empty inside

Chatter of the tube...
Track Name: Recall The Absence
Flashing pictures and loud sounds
Screaming news through the screens
Moving through a crowd of a million souls
Walking on each other

Recall... the absence
Recall... the absence

Surviving in a perpetual nightmare
Sharing the left space with strangers
As angst is the closest word for insanity
As a point of view can be a dangerous luxury
I can't show my feelings to others
How may I share this haunting distress?

In my life there's an absence
Which no one can ever guess

People do exist... but do we really live?
Something is definitely missing
I guess everyone stands this suffering

The world is telling us we're safe and sane
I just want to find my own place

Raised by a culture spilling into decay
I was given birth in all legality
I'm another Mr Everywhere
I just want someone saying I'm ME

Recall... the absence
Recall... the absence

Feeling no use for thinking
Track Name: La Chute de l'Architecte
A la lumière des usines
C'est le déclin qui se dessine
Mesure les distances de ces larmes
Ces briques, une après une, isolent ces êtres
Mesure la chute de l'Architecte.

Dans ce refuge de l'esprit
Il compte les heures et désire partir
L'encre de ses veines trace la ligne de fuite
Son me se noie dans les calculs
L'équation du désespoir
Résonne entre ces murs froids

Mesures-tu leur solitude
Dans cette nouvelle perspective
Cette camisole de force retient la sombre ville
Contenir ces mes conformes
Au plan d'aliénation
Et tu dessines une page avec ton sang

Évades-toi, esclave du temps
De ce dédales de l'esprit
Non, évades-toi, esclave du temps
De ce dédale de l'esprit

A la lumière des usines
C'est le déclin qui se dessine
Mesure la distance de ces larmes.
Track Name: Manifold Of...
A new plant takes birth in vitro
In this clinic, greenhouse of souls, she gets form
You're not the embryo of the Earth neither loves

The evolution of the foetus will be strange
Symbol of this experimental garden

Enter this cold era
Where the best can meet the worse
Flower from nowhere takes root, manifold of...

A frigid present, future in a capsule
The laws of nature are changed
The limits will be passed
This new creature blooms in this icy cradle


A frigid present, future in a capsule
The laws of nature are changed
The limits will be passed
This new creature blooms in this icy cradle

This new creature blooms in this icy cradle
The limits will be passed
The laws of nature are changed
A frigid present, future in a capsule.
Track Name: Serene Eves
A well traced path
A simple and straight way
A permanent happiness, a joy of the present
Less sorrow, no more sorrow
No anger anyway
Sadness is a word which has never existed

We got Soma... for serene eves
We got Soma
We got Soma... for serene eves
We got Soma

Keep staying unworried by such
An old thing, enjoy the moment
Do not think about anything
Do your work with a large smile on your face
Go quietly back home and swallow
The pills you keep
Chemistry has turned you so serene

Flawless and positive and exhausted
After all they are quite innocent
And so are you, free from troubles
Your labour is no sacrifice
Everyone's role is to achieve his task

Your existence has to stay on perfect railway
Without clashes and chaos, unforeseen and quiet
We have Soma
For feeding our lifelong coma